Retained HR Services

Do you...

  need access to HR information and guidance at any time; and

  value the role that HR can play; but

  your size prohibits hiring a permanent resource.

Not all business need or want a large HR function... however, it is vital you understand your responsibilities in relation to people management and the legislative framework that applies.

Akyra has designed retained HR services to meet your requirements, where you have your very own HR Manager on call to provide HR advice and guidance by an experienced HR practitioner from the Akyra team

Our retained HR services includes some or all of the following:

  HR telephone and email help-desk support

  site visits on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis as agreed with you

  review of current job descriptions

  updates of legislation as it pertains to your business

  maintenance of HR policies and procedures.

Sometimes you need more focused help with HR issues and challenges in addition to the day-to-day management of HR. Akyra can provide you with a range of consultancy or project services when you need that extra level of support to ensure you are able to manage challenging circumstances effectively.

Akyra works closely with you to build a sustainable relationship and deliver a service that suits your needs and the culture of your organisation.

We combine a practical operational approach with a strategic perspective, providing targeted and cost effective expert service on the full range of people management activities as you need it and when you need it most.

Think having a HR retained service could help your business... Contact Akyra for an obligation free conversation.

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