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HR BizBitz is the HR manual every employer needs! This subscription will give you the updated policies, forms and procedures as Fair Work updates. Only available to those who have purchase HR BizBitz

- unlimited legislative updates for 12 months

- ensure your HR manual is up-to-date and compliant with the Fair Work Act

HR BizBitz Subscription


Congratulations! You have officially set up your business for success with the HR BizBitz package.

The HR BizBitz pack includes over 100 policies, procedures and forms to create a complete and comprehensive HR manual.

Applying HR BizBitz to your business will ensure your employees know what to expect as outlined in the policies; procedures to show what needs to happen; and easy-to-use forms.


Included in the HR BizBitz package is the unlimited legislative updates for the first 180 days but what happens after the 180 days?

This is where the HR BizBitz Subscription comes in!

For only $29.99, the HR BizBitz Subscription will ensure your HR manual stays up-to-date with legislative changes all year long.

No matter how many times the Fair Work Act is updated, we'll send you the necessary changes to ensure your HR BizBitz package is compliant.

Compliant documents not only protect your employees but your business as well.

So, protect your business and employees now!


*Please note only those who have purchased the HR BizBitz package are eligible to purchase the subscription*