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Employer Branding


Why should you even be thinking about employer branding?
What is the benefit for your business?

Two very good questions:
Firstly, employer branding helps your employees to be ‘engaged’ as they embrace the values of your business and it helps highlight your business as a place where employees happily say ‘I work for …’ because you value your employees. You demonstrate this every day with competitive wages; recognising and rewarding expertise and effort and make available opportunities for professional training and development.
Secondly, the benefits to your business include a greater profit margin because there is increased customer satisfaction, lower staff turnover and your employees striving to delivery over and above what is expected of them.

You don’t need a big budget to deliver a big impact… you just need to ensure your employer brand is real and is a true representation of your culture, your vision and your values

If you have a highly engaged workforce, you have many advantages over your competitors. According to the Profiles International 2008 Work Force Analysis, on average:

−you will rate 86% higher with their customers

−you will have 70% more success in lowering employee turnover

−you are 70% more likely to have higher productivity

−you enjoy higher profitability and have better safety.

What do you need to do identify, develop and communicate your employer brand…

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