Position Descriptions & KPIs

Position descriptions

A well-written job description is one of the best investments an organisation can make because it can be used in so many ways, including job evaluation, performance appraisals, reorganisation, training, development and career planning.

When you are recruiting and interviewing, a job description puts everyone involved in the process on the same footing by clearly describing, in practical terms, the key responsibilities of the actual position, reporting relationships and work environment. A complete and accurate job description can help defend your selection process from grievances and other legal actions, should they occur.

How successful your employee is in their role is dependent to a large degree on how well they understand their job responsibilities and the associated specific tasks.

All this information is provided in a well-crafted job description as it describes the vision, mission and core values of your business; outlines your expectations of the role; details the competencies required to deliver on those expectations; and provides clear guidance for the employee on their responsibilities.

It is also a performance management tool that assists you to measure your employee's performance against the stated job requirements. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the measurable outcomes tied to specific responsibilities outlined in the job description.


Key performance indicators (KPIs)

At a business level, a key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable metric that reflects how well a business is achieving its stated goals and objectives.

Employee KPIs are aligned with the overall strategy of the business and ensures what the employee is doing is well aligned with the KPIs of the business (eg: business vision – to be known for our superior customer service and satisfaction; business KPI - the number of customer complaints that remain unresolved at the end of a week; employee KPI is to increase the number of satisfactory complaint resolutions by 15% this period with the measurement being the weekly percentage difference in complaints handled that result in satisfied customers versus unsatisfied customers).

Job descriptions are not required but they save a lot of headaches as do KPIs in ensuring employees know what they need to achieve… contact Akyra for an obligation free conversation.

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