Performance Management

In a business organisation, an employee’s performance and potential are both important. However, sometimes the two are linked when they shouldn't be. The downside of linking the two is that you risk promoting an employee who isn't ambitious or your ambitious employees are overlooked and choose to work elsewhere to your detriment and the benefit of your competitors. The solution? Put a solid performance management policy in place.

What is employee performance management

Employee performance management is a process for establishing a shared understanding between employer and employee about what’s to be achieved at an organisation level. It isn’t about pushing employees to work harder or be more productive, it’s more about aligning an organisation’s business objectives with the employees' agreed measures, skills, competency requirements, development plans and the delivery of results. Along with improving employee engagement, the benefits of implementing a performance management policy include:

  • Aligning employees’ job description and tasks with the organisation’s key objectives
  • Determining relevant goals and areas of focus for training and development
  • Defining and identifying employee performance expectations  
  • Greater workplace autonomy and less micro-management
  • Fewer misunderstandings and less confusion
  • Improved workplace productivity.

Additionally, performance management programs make administrative actions fairer and ensure compliance with legislative requirements which is beneficial for all organisations.  However, benefits like these (and many more) can only be achieved with a well-defined and properly implemented performance management process.

Small to medium-sized business organisations which don’t have an internal HR department will find it beneficial to use Akyra’s human resources outsourcing services. As experienced HR professionals, we can help you create a performance management policy that aligns your organisation’s business objectives with your employees’ skills and competency requirements, agreed delivery of results and development plans.

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