Our Trusted Partners

At Akyra we understand growing and maintaining a vibrant business can sometimes feel overwhelming. We take pride in strategic collaboration with others to produce the best outcomes for all. That’s why we recommend our trusted partners to deliver great business solutions.


LeadershipEQ provides a range of workshops, coaching and resources based on the book LeadershipEQ: Everyday Leadership for the Everyday Leader.

This includes building Self Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, improving Communication, developing Confidence, Leading Teams as well as strategic management topics such as converting Strategy into Action.

In addition, LeadershipEQ can provide offsite, small group Experiential Workshops for new, emerging and existing leaders to develop essential leadership capability which can be applied immediately in their context.  These workshops have extra HORSEPOWER added through the interaction with equine partners. These horses provide participants with a feedback rich and psychologically safe environment to learn and apply new skills and knowledge.


BenchOn is a B2B Supplier Sourcing platform that matches businesses idle staff to short-term contracts with reputable companies and Government Agencies. Businesses can now manage the peaks and troughs of the business cycle like never before with access to the high-quality professionals hidden inside the best companies to support during surges and contracts for their staff who are on the bench in the troughs. 

Onyx Legal

Legal advice that achieves business results.  The Onyx team are entrepreneurs too and know how the right legal advice can help you succeed, with a team of dedicated lawyers who have many years’ experience. With Onyx, you’ll receive easy-to-understand documents and clear advice that helps you to achieve a real commercial result - more profit, reduced risk, compliance. Onyx offer practical legal guidance, services and essential documents at an affordable price.

Carroll Consulting

Key Services:  Strategic Recruitment, Psychometric Assessments, and Recruitment Training

Carroll Consulting is an industry leader in recruiting and educating for culture fit. We help clients identify and attract the leaders and key people they need to succeed using an intensive, unique recruitment process developed over nearly 30 years.

Our team works with you to build a clear profile of the competencies you need to achieve your strategic objectives. We get to the heart of your team’s core purpose and the behaviours and values that will underpin success. Partnering with you, our approach is proven to remove risk, create certainty and support organisational success by growing a long-term team aligned to your culture, values, and strategy.



Virtual Safety Manager

Virtual Safety Manager provides safety and compliance services to small and medium sized business. With over 20 years’ experience in a range of industries, they can assist your business with all safety and compliance issues or services. Focused on helping business owners prevent incidents or injuries (and prosecutions, fines and jail terms), by implementing practical and effective systems, to reduce your risks and create a team of safety leaders.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

For further information on any of the consulting services, or to organise your free 30 minute consultation, please feel free to email us and one of our friendly team members will be in contact with you shortly.