Our Trusted Partners

At Akyra we understand growing and maintaining a vibrant business can sometimes feel overwhelming. We take pride in strategic collaboration with others to produce the best outcomes for all. That’s why we recommend our trusted partners to deliver great business solutions.

Langano Business Strategists

Langano Business Strategists provides high impact solutions across all facets of leadership, financial management and strategy. Their business philosophy is simple – provide services which guide entrepreneurial success by giving business owners peace of mind, confidence to grow and confidence in their financial future. The Langano Team includes some of Brisbane’s most experienced business consultants and practitioners, and is built on a passion to grow thriving, prosperous businesses with confident owners. Langano have been operating for 17 years and are based in Teneriffe, Brisbane.


BenchOn is a B2B Supplier Sourcing platform that matches businesses idle staff to short-term contracts with reputable companies and Government Agencies. Businesses can now manage the peaks and troughs of the business cycle like never before with access to the high-quality professionals hidden inside the best companies to support during surges and contracts for their staff who are on the bench in the troughs. 

Free Consultation

For further information on any of the consulting services, or to organise your free consultation, please feel free to email us and one of our friendly team members will be in contact with you shortly.