Top 3 priorities to comply with Fair Work changes to casual employment by 27 September.

Thursday 19th August 2021    

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) brought in changes relating to casual employment which came into effect on 27 March 2021 and must be complied with by 27 September 2021, where your business employees more than 15 people.

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Work from home… Top 3 questions employers ask.

Monday 9th August 2021    

Work fom homevis not a new concept but has been forced on many of our businesses and tested the flexibility of workplaces to accommodate WFH needs and productivity. Most Akyra clients have grappled with the questions and issues below.

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Mental health risks in your business

Monday 2nd August 2021    

It’s now well-recognised that work can be harmful to your mental health – stress, anxiety and depression loom large in public discourse. But while it’s easy to accept this is a workplace health and safety issue, it’s another thing altogether to identify specific risks and take effective action to prevent these types of problems from occurring.

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Medical appointments and personal leave... your business questions answered.

Monday 26th July 2021    

In Akyra’s experience, many businesses question if an employer can insist an employee schedule their medical appointments outside work hours? Read on for more information.

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Vexatious bullying & key steps to manage it.

Monday 19th July 2021    

Workplace complaints, claims and issues are on the rise post-pandemic. Receiving a bullying complaint from an employee and working out what to do next is stressful enough... let alone when the bullying complaint is made vexatiously and without a legitimate reason?

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Does reasonable management action need to be perfect...

Tuesday 6th July 2021    

Training and education for managers who manage people is integral to their professional development to mitigate a FWC claim. Here are ‘9 examples of reasonable management action’ for your consideration.

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Superannuation to increase from 1 July 2021, is your business prepared?

Wednesday 30th June 2021    

As you are aware, Superannuation contributions by employers will increase on 1 July 2021 from 9.5 percent of “Ordinary Time Earnings” (OTE) to 10 percent. This can be a little more complex to decipher than one would expect.

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New financial year, new award wage increases.

Wednesday 23rd June 2021    

Now is the time to re-focus your team for success and review award changes effective from July 2021. The new financial year is upon us and, from July 2021, minimum wages will increase in most modern awards from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2021.

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Did you know… you must deduct garnishee orders; or you may be liable!

Tuesday 15th June 2021    

As an employer you may have experienced a judgment debtor court order known as a garnishee directed to your business for one of your employees. When this happens, you are obligated to make deductions from that employee’s wages and pay that amount directly to the third party as instalments in accordance with a court order.

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