Does reasonable management action need to be perfect...

Tuesday 6th July 2021    

Training and education for managers who manage people is integral to their professional development to mitigate a FWC claim. Here are ‘9 examples of reasonable management action’ for your consideration.

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Superannuation to increase from 1 July 2021, is your business prepared?

Wednesday 30th June 2021    

As you are aware, Superannuation contributions by employers will increase on 1 July 2021 from 9.5 percent of “Ordinary Time Earnings” (OTE) to 10 percent. This can be a little more complex to decipher than one would expect.

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New financial year, new award wage increases.

Wednesday 23rd June 2021    

Now is the time to re-focus your team for success and review award changes effective from July 2021. The new financial year is upon us and, from July 2021, minimum wages will increase in most modern awards from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2021.

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Did you know… you must deduct garnishee orders; or you may be liable!

Tuesday 15th June 2021    

As an employer you may have experienced a judgment debtor court order known as a garnishee directed to your business for one of your employees. When this happens, you are obligated to make deductions from that employee’s wages and pay that amount directly to the third party as instalments in accordance with a court order.

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Don’t get caught out … recent Fair Work ruling demonstrates why you need to clearly distinguish employees from contractors.

Tuesday 8th June 2021    

Failing to classify workers correctly as an employee or an independent contractor can land business owners in hot water and in breach of Fair Work(FW) laws.

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NAB in Court in relation to potential wage underpayments. If your business has employees on a salary, covered by an Award and regularly works more than 40 hours per week, you may be at risk of a claim

Wednesday 2nd June 2021    

In what may be the largest underpayment case in Australian history, the National Australia Bank (NAB) will face legal action for alleged unpaid wages lodged by The Finance Sector Union (FSU) in the Federal Court. The outcome of this case could have ramifications for all employers who pay salaries where the employee is covered by an Award and regularly works hours more than 40 hours a week.

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If position no longer redundant, can you withdraw the dismissal notice and withhold termination monies? Are you at risk of a Fair Work claim?

Wednesday 26th May 2021    

Redundancies were increasingly prevalent through the pandemic and are now on the rise as government subsidies wind down. What are some of the concerns and questions we hear from clients...

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Horseplay in the workplace leads to $662,102 in damages. Is your business at risk of an incident or potential claim?

Wednesday 19th May 2021    

A certain amount of joking, skylarking and horseplay in the workplace is often harmless and lightens the atmosphere, keeping up the spirits of workers. However, when it goes too far and someone is injured, the consequences can be very serious and costly.

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General Protections claims are on the rise post-pandemic... is your business at risk of a staggering compensation payout?

Tuesday 11th May 2021    

Increasing claims for general protections (adverse action) have been lodged with Fair Work; where there is found to be a case, the rulings impact business owners with huge fines awarded to employees.

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