The importance of understanding your pay requirements

Wednesday 18th May 2022    

As an employer, it is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to all relevant employment legislation that applies to your employees and your business. This includes ensuring you are meeting pay requirements to employees in accordance with the relevant Award or agreement. So how can you make sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to meeting pay requirements and what are the consequences of failing to comply with them?

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Working parents and discrimination in the workplace

Wednesday 11th May 2022    

With Mother’s Day fresh in our minds, we thought it was time to look at some of the challenges faced by mothers (and fathers) in the workplace. Despite legal protections being in place, many working mums and dads still face discrimination in the workplace. But what counts as discrimination? And what can we do to avoid this?

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Navigating the challenges of personal (sick) leave

Friday 6th May 2022    

We all get sick, and employees have a legal right to take personal leave. With the exception of casuals, workers are entitled to paid personal leave when they can't work because of a personal illness or injury. This can include stress and pregnancy related illnesses. But what proof do workers need to provide when they take personal leave? And what happens if an employee takes a “sickie” and you suspect they aren’t actually sick?

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COVID-19 – Can employers ask their workers to get tested?

Wednesday 27th April 2022    

With COVID-19 case numbers remaining high, it’s unsurprising that some employers and workers remain concerned about being exposed to the virus in the workplace. But what happens if an employee is exhibiting COVID symptoms and refuses to be tested?

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Identifying your Company’s Core Values and Finding Your ‘True North’

Thursday 21st April 2022    

While many companies will have a framework or list of core values which are said to drive the organisation – such as honesty, integrity, and accountability - this often doesn’t actually translate into day-to-day action or behaviour. But having a clearly articulated set of core values to guide an organisation can help businesses to define themselves and their goals, and to find their ‘True North’. So how can your organisation’s core values guide your operations? And what exactly is your ‘True North’?

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The Easter Break and Public Holiday Obligations

Wednesday 13th April 2022    

With the Easter long-weekend nearly upon us, now is a good time for employers to brush up on their obligations regarding their employees and public holidays. In addition to the two national public holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday, some states have additional public holidays for Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. The Easter long weekend is also followed by another two long weekends for ANZAC Day and Labour Day.

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Swearing in the Workplace - What’s Acceptable and What Isn’t?

Wednesday 6th April 2022    

Admit it, swearing in the workplace is something many of us have probably been guilty of at some point. Work can be stressful, and it’s not too surprising that sometimes workers (and managers) will fall into the habit of letting out the occasional swear word.

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Federal Budget Provides Training Tax Boost for Small Businesses

Thursday 31st March 2022    

The Federal Government announced its Budget on 29 March 2022. Among these measures is the new ‘Skills and Training Boost’, which will encourage small businesses to train new staff and upskill existing staff – helping them to be innovative and grow.

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2022 changes to Superannuation

Tuesday 29th March 2022    

Did you know that another rise to superannuation is coming from 1st July? So, what does this change mean for businesses?

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