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Personnel shortages and vaccine refusers: why a growing number of frustrated workers are resigning

Friday 25th March 2022    

During the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major impacts on the workplace. Job losses, shifts to work-from-home arrangements, and personnel shortages have created significant challenges for businesses (and their staff).

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Mental health and the need for ‘crucial conversations’ in the workplace

Friday 18th March 2022    

Communication is critical! It’s something we all know, but whether we practice what we preach is another story entirely, especially in the workplace.

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Dangers of Offensive Social Media Posts: Some Tips for Employers and Employees

Friday 11th March 2022    

In the digital age, it probably seems like a no-brainer that you shouldn’t post offensive content on social media – whether this relates to your workplace or not. However, this doesn’t seem to always be the case!

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Unnecessary risk or ‘non-negotiable’ business practice?

Monday 7th March 2022    

How you should approach upskilling your employees. The need for upskilling in the workplace has been driven in recent years by technological advancements and skills shortages, pushing employers AND employees to more acutely understand the need for developing and enhancing skills and competencies.

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Sexual Harassment and Respect in the Workplace: What Businesses Should be Aware Of

Saturday 26th February 2022    

Fostering respect in the workplace is a crucial part of running a successful business. But this isn’t always as simple as it sounds! Building a respectful workplace culture can be hard work - and tackling the problem of sexual harassment at work is a key component of this.

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Leave options for isolated employees, and what businesses need to know

Thursday 3rd February 2022    

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that Omicron has well and truly swept through the country in recent weeks. With many employees either forced to isolate themselves at home for testing positive to Covid-19 or being a close contact, it’s placed businesses under enormous pressure to operate effectively.

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Is your business due for an annual wage review?

Thursday 3rd February 2022    

Is your business keeping track of your annualised salary provisions and obligations? It might be time to conduct an annual salary review. With wage changes scheduled to be announced by Fair Work in late June with effect from 1 July 2022, pre-planning will help businesses keep on top of their cash flow. We all know how quickly time flies and, if left until the next quarter, you might not have time to complete a considered review.

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Are Employee Engagement Solutions high on your workplace resolutions for 2022?

Saturday 29th January 2022    

If you haven’t already set your resolutions for 2022 and with only a few days left of January, now is the time to do so. If you have your sights set on increasing employee engagement tackling strategies to retain your top talent and increasing workplace outcomes, this article is for you!

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Leave entitlements for employees required to quarantine or self-isolate

Wednesday 22nd December 2021    

The Akyra team has been fielding several queries in relation to leave entitlements and what can be used if an employee is required to obtain a COVID test or quarantine.

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Medical certificate subscriptions – are your employees obtaining a medical certificate without seeing a doctor?

Friday 10th December 2021    

As the festive season approaches, we as employers often brace ourselves for mass unplanned absences and sick days from employees. Recently, Akyra was made aware of a medical certificate ‘subscription’, allowing employees to pay a fee to obtain medical certificates without seeing a doctor.

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