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Top 4 tips to engage your team post-pandemic

Tuesday 13th October 2020    

Your employees have returned to work, so how do you keep staff engaged and positive post-pandemic?

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Top 5 federal budget announcements that can benefit small business.

Wednesday 7th October 2020    

The pandemic has impacted businesses in an unprecedented manner. As many return to work or resume business in our ‘new future', it is imperative that, as business owners, you are aware of any beneficial support or incentives that can ease the pressures of transitioning post Covid. The federal budget 2020 announcements yesterday outline incentives businesses can access to potentially ease the burden post-pandemic. A summary of the top five budget announcements relevant to businesses you may benefit from.

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Is your business JobKeeper 2.0 ready?

Tuesday 29th September 2020    

The new JobKeeper rules for the six-month extension were released last week and came into effect yesterday and it is not exactly straightforward. From 28 September, both the rules on employer eligibility and the rate eligible employees will receive have changed. The JobKeeper payments will continue fortnightly until 28 March 2021 for eligible business’ employees. However the new JobKeeper rules include a degree of complexity which may leave many businesses confused. So what does JobKeeper 2.0 mean for your business?

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How liable are you if an employee contracts Covid-19 in the workplace?

Tuesday 22nd September 2020    

Top 4 tips all business owners should consider to minimise WHS and legal risks associated with Covid-19 in the workplace. The recent pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the new future of how we do business; particularly in relation to the working environment and the relationship between you as the employer and your employees. All parties are experiencing unprecedented levels of change. How you approach these changes in the workplace may determine the potential legal and workplace health and safety (WHS) risks your business may encounter.

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Are you at risk of wage underpayment jail time? New Qld legislation passed making ‘wage theft’ a criminal offence.

Tuesday 15th September 2020    

Last week the Queensland Palaszczuk government passed legislation making it a criminal offence for employers to knowingly underpay their staff wages or superannuation. Employers and business owners found to be deliberately stealing from their workers will now face jail time under the new laws, with the maximum penalty for stealing by an employer to now be the same as the current maximum penalty for stealing as a clerk or servant, which is 10 years’ imprisonment.

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Are you at risk of losing your employees due to poor employer branding?

Tuesday 8th September 2020    

Returning to work for all employees post the pandemic is a very mixed bag of emotions and expectations, ranging from positive anticipation to sheer trepidation and apprehension. Many employees have become accustomed to the new future of remote working and flexible work arrangements, which has added a layer of complexity and balanced negotiations between employees and employers return to work plans. Subsequently, COVID-19 has highlighted the gap between what employees want from their employers and what employers are prioritising. Many employees are now open to, or actively looking for a new job more attune to their refocused priorities post-pandemic which include greater work-life balance, company culture, and the salary and benefits of a role. Whereas, many employers are perceived to be more focused on financial health, technology, and job security during the current pandemic. So the question is … Are you at risk of losing your employees due to lack of employer branding?

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Are you at risk of breaching pandemic-related entitlements?

Tuesday 1st September 2020    

Many employers appear unsure of employee pandemic-related entitlements. Confusion surrounding employee pandemic-related entitlements is understandable and amplified due to the differences from state to state. Yet it's vital that you, as an employer, are up to speed to ensure you understand what entitlements and benefits may be applicable to your employees to both proactively encourage employees to access these supports and also not breach pandemic-related entitlements or be at risk of a Fair Work claim. So the question is… are you at risk of breaching pandemic-related entitlements?

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Are you at risk of breaching WH&S legislation due to Covid-19?

Tuesday 25th August 2020    

In our post-pandemic world, many businesses have resumed operations in some capacity. However, they may be potentially at risk of breaching Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation. So, why is this occurring?

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Are you at risk of breaching personal/carers leave new legislation?

Tuesday 18th August 2020    

Employees can take leave for many reasons, including annual leave to go on a holiday or personal /carers leave as they are sick or to take care of a sick family member. However, there is some confusion as to what constitutes personal/carers leave. In addition, last week the High Court handed down a decision regarding the method of accruing and taking paid personal/carers leave. So, are you at risk of breaching personal / carers leave under this new decision?

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Are you at risk of a Fair Work breach for standing down staff?

Tuesday 11th August 2020    

Many businesses have had to make the difficult decision to stand down employees and there are serious legal consequences if you get it wrong. So, are you at risk of a Fair Work breach for standing down staff?

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