HR SnapShot

What is it?

HR SnapShot is a short pulse survey of your employees. The results can inform decisions and whether your 'people stuff' is adequately positioned to contribute to your overall business success.

How do you know what to do if you don't know what your employees think? Good management practice includes the conduct of a periodical organisational survey to gauge employee views about how they see the business and their involvement in the business.

Conducting a HR SnapShot on a regular basis (e.g: six monthly) means results can be plotted on a continuum which will assist in identifying trends. The health of your business is a measure of the working environment in terms of:

  Management practices

  Performance management

  Workplace safety

  Treatment of people




It’s also important to start this journey with a robust communication strategy outlining the purpose, the anonymity and what will happen with the results. You will demonstrate to your employees the openness and transparency of the process and build trust by actioning the results from one survey to the next.

How can the results of the HR SnapShot be used?

Results can be used to gauge the view of staff on specific issues and foster better management decisions that increase employee engagement, improve motivation, reduce employee turnover... all of which lead to higher profit margins and a sustainable bottom line.

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