HR Policies & Procedures

You’ve realised you need to either implement or update your system to manage your ‘HR stuff’… so you’ll probably do some research and find a system on the Internet that says it will manage your ‘HR stuff’.

It arrives and is installed and hey presto... it's ready to roll right?

NO! You STILL need to put the content into it.

This is where HR BizBitz comes in... it provides personalised HR policies, procedures and forms in MS Word format for your business.



HR BizBitz assists you to ensure your employees know what to do, how to do it and when to do it and provides the tools for you to:

  Improve performance across the board

  Effectively manage the disciplinary process

  Cut down on social media impact in the workplace

  Effectively set expectations for your staff

  Establish great policies and procedures that work

  Defend your business against employee-related claims.

The potential costs of not having HR policies and procedures is high… so, what if you make a mistake?

-      An infringement notice of $510 per breach for an individual and $2,550 per breach for an organisation**

-      Unlawful discrimination is $10,200 per breach for an individual; $51,000 per breach for an organisation **

-      Sham contracts is $51,000 per breach for an organisation**

-      Backpays & administrative nightmares

-      Innocent decisions can result in unplanned and major costs… and ultimately could cost you your business!


** source Fair Work Australia March 2015


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