Effective People Management

Effectively managing the performance of your workforce underpins the success of your business — no matter whether you employ 1 person, 20 or 100 people. Your product or service might be the best there is, but your employees are still your organisation’s most important asset. That’s why it’s essential that you focus your attention on:

  • developing a culture of professionalism

Professionalism in the workplace starts at the top with the organisation’s leaders. Effective people management involves great leadership, and as your workforce’s leader, setting the professionalism bar high is your responsibility.

  • knowing your people

Who are your employees? While you surely know their names, just how well do you really know them? Getting to know your employees on a personal level is an essential aspect of effective workforce management.

  • developing a friendly and approachable management team (including you)

How accessible are you to your employees? To get the most from your team (and they from their time working with you), management must be seen as friendly and approachable.

  • consistently enhancing employee knowledge and skills

You invest in your organisation with marketing and an attractive workplace that puts your best foot forward, but are you investing in your most important asset (your workforce) by boosting their knowledge and skills?

  • fully utilising your employees' knowledge and skills; and

Leveraging the knowledge and skills your workforce develops to provide better products and services is just the beginning — provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities to prosper as an organisation.

  • encouraging and rewarding new ideas

Innovation and agility in an organisation doesn’t have to start at the top — it can stem from any level, provided that management encourages and rewards their employees’ contributions.

… you'll ensure your organisation will outperform your competitors.

Why is human resources planning important?

 Human resources planning is the process of forward-thinking to achieve the optimum use of your organisation’s workforce by facilitating the best fit between employees and jobs. It involves identifying an organisation’s current and future HR needs to achieve its goals, balancing labour demand with supply to support those goals, and planning ahead to maintain the required number of skilled employees.

Human resources planning is important for all organisations as it’s a key driver of productivity and profitability through the maintenance and management of a proficient workforce. Putting a strong human resource planning strategy in place starts by:

  • identifying your organisation’s current labour supply,
  • predicting future labour demand,
  • creating a balance between supply and demand; and
  • implementing an effective plan to achieve the ideal balance.

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