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Appointed as Chairman of the Defence Reserves Support Council – Queensland initially from 1 July 2010, Akyra’s Managing Director, Margaret Goody, is passionate about defence of our country and how the business community can support Reservists who choose to be part of that defence… whether that is internally (bush fires, floods and cyclones etc) or externally (peacekeeping operations in Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands as well as a myriad of specialist and advisor roles in countries with conflict),

Between the three arms of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Reservists comprise approximately 25% of the ADF capability. There are approximately 6000 Reservists in Queensland with the bulk of those being located within the Army.

The support by employers of Reservists in particular plus that of their respective families and the community is vital. Most of us have 2 parts of our lives - work and family. Reservists have 3 - work, family and defence... quite a lot of juggling of priorities going on there.

The role of the Defence Reserve Support Council is to:

  • improve Reserve availability, so ADF objectives can be achieved
  • improve the retention of Reservists in Defence, so recruitment and training costs are kept down and capability levels are maximised
  • promote the benefits of Reserve service to employers and educationalists
  • inform Reservists of their responsibilities to their employers
  • improve acceptance within the general community for Reserve service
  • liaise with peak employer groups on matters affecting Reserve service
  • provide advice to Defence and Government on matters affecting community and employer support for the Reserve force, and
  • provide liaison between Defence and the employers.

The ADF is increasingly drawing on the skills and expertise of these part-time military personnel to maintain the ADF’s operational capability in its operations overseas and at home... a situation not likely to change anytime soon.

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