International Women’s Day: What women want in the workplace!

International Women’s Day: What women want in the workplace!

Engaged employees are typically passionate about their work, committed to their organisation and put extra effort into their jobs. They often go above and beyond by helping others, volunteering for additional work and find ways to perform more effectively.

So, what can you do to better engage the women in your workforce?

1. Family-friendly and flexible workplaces

Offering flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely allows women to better balance work and personal/family responsibilities, which is seen as one of the most important things by Australian women. Organisations offering flexible arrangements tend to increase productivity and benefit from loyal employees.

2. Build a company culture that is supportive and encourages growth

Building a strong, positive company culture that supports women and helps them grow will assist your organisation to attract and retain employees who align with your culture. When you recruit a new employee, hire people who possess the necessary experience and qualifications for a role and who also fit the organisation culture you’ve cultivated.

3. Transparency and trust

A recent survey of working women indicated 58% of women don’t believe what their bosses are telling them about pay and promotions or what helps their careers. Clearer, more open communication about benchmarking of the role and wages in the marketplace, performance appraisals and potential career advancement will foster a more inclusive environment. This greater transparency will help women better understand the practical markers and where they stand in comparison. Currently, only 39% of women would put themselves forward for a promotion if they believe they met all the job criteria. Only 17% would step up for a promotion if they believe they meet some of the criteria.

4. Leadership opportunities

Only 54% of women saw role models in senior management. This is not a surprising result as women are often under-represented in leadership positions. To encourage women’s self-belief and improve the number of female leaders, organisations could consider implementing mentor/sponsorship programs and focus on filtering out unconscious bias when considered promotions.  According to a Harvard study, women have to substantially outperform fellow employees, to receive the same amount of attention as male counterparts. 

Ask your employees, particularly your female employees, what they care about through employee engagement initiatives so, you can better understand their motivations and perceptions. Sourcing employee views, via an employee survey, can help turn employee feedback into insightful and meaningful analysis. This action will enable you to create engaged and committed employees which, in turn, will realise a return on investment through reduced employee turnover costs, improved employee retention, enhanced customer loyalty and an improved bottom line.

If you want to implement employee engagement initiatives that lead to workforce committed to achieving your organisation’s strategic direction, then get in contact with Akyra Strategy and Development for an obligation free consultation. We work with you to deliver a tailored and affordable solution that meets your business needs.

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