Inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch presents Mike Tristram, CEO of Trisco Foods

Inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch presents Mike Tristram, CEO of Trisco Foods

Akyra Strategy and Development launched a brand-new initiative, the inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch, attended by Akyra’s valued clients, at the beautiful Spicers Balfour Hotel on 22 October.

With collaboration and networking at the heart of the event, it was the fireside chat with Mike Tristram, Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods, facilitated by Jacqueline Nagle from Any Given Tuesday, that was the true highlight of the day.

Margaret Goody, Akyra’s Managing Director explains the motivation behind delivering the Akyra Executive Lunch and why she believes Mike Tristram was the right man for the job. 


The Akyra Executive Lunch has been a pipeline passion project for our team for quite a while. 

We’re fortunate to work alongside an incredible network of businesses that are family-owned and operated and have a genuine passion for collaboration and growth.  

The Akyra Executive Lunch was a chance to say thank you to our clients. More importantly, we wanted to provide an opportunity to collaborate and network with other like-minded business leaders. We also wanted to add value by hearing from an industry-leading professional doing great things for, and in, their business.

With that in mind, we approached one of our longstanding clients, Mike Tristram at Trisco Foods to feature in a fireside chat with Jacqueline Nagle – and (thankfully) he accepted. 


My team and I have had the privilege of working alongside Mike (the fifth generation of his family to head up the Trisco Foods business) for around four years and we’re constantly blown away by Mike’s passion, intelligence, and commitment to innovating this iconic family business.

For Mike and the Trisco Team, success goes beyond just generating revenue and making profits. Equally, they believe true value lies with engaging the entire team on the journey and sharing in the success with everyone, not just the shareholders.

The inspiring Trisco Foods story is one of innovation and perseverance, matched with an unwavering commitment to ongoing development and strategy to ensure success for not only now, but future generations.  

Mike himself is a charismatic speaker who is a passionate advocate for ongoing professional growth and, despite his young age, has achieved great success during his time as CEO.

When we were dreaming up the Akyra Executive Lunch, we believed Mike’s story would be both entertaining and inspiring to everyone in the room, and we were right! 


We hope our guests absorbed a lot of value from attending our inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch, whether that be making a new connection finding inspiration to work on themselves or their business.   

However, at Akyra, we don’t believe hope is a great strategy for success.

To better understand and collate the thoughts of everyone who attended, we have circulated an evaluation survey that will help inform our decision-making regarding future events and how information is shared in the future.

With that in mind, please stay tuned for more information about future Akyra events. 


On behalf of the Akyra team, we extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to our clients who took time out of their busy schedules to join us at the inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch.

A big thank you must also be extended to Mike Tristram and Jacqueline Nagle for their inspiring fireside chat.  

During his conversation, Mike largely attributed his success to a range of podcasts, books, and resources that have supported and assisted his growth into a leading CEO and helped prepare and drive success at Trisco Foods under his leadership.

Mike has kindly provided this list of resources for Akyra clients. If you would like to access this list of great resources, please email the team

To find out more about Trisco Food, an award-winning Queensland business, visit

Check out some of the happy snaps from the day over on our Facebook page

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