Free HR BizBitz Samples

Free HR BizBitz Samples

HR BizBitz is a program that generates tailored policies, procedures and forms.

What is included?

  • A personalised HR manual In MS Word Format and PDF – you control it;
  • Documents you can start using TODAY;
  • Unlimited help desk support for your first 30 Days;
  • ALL updates for the first 180 days after your purchase. 

Check out the FREE samples below, directly from Akyra's HR BizBitz manual.

These are just a few examples of the policies, procedures and forms you receive when you purchase HR BizBitz.  
*Please note, the above documents contain Akyra's business information, this will be replaced with your business's information when purchased.


HR BizBitz gives you the right tools to:

  • Effectively set expectations for your staff; 
  • Establish great policies and procedures that work;
  • Effectively manage the disciplinary process; 
  • Cut down on the impact of social media in the workplace.

Akyra’s HR BizBitz is now available for purchase.

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