Employee Handbooks help protect your business

Employee Handbooks help protect your business

An employee handbook provides the roadmap for your business and the ethical and legal treatment of your workforce. It can protect your business from lawsuits – e.g., harassment claims, unfair dismissal claims and discrimination claims. It should contain a code of conduct for employees that set guidelines around appropriate workplace behaviours.

Although an employee handbook is not a legal requirement in Australia, it can demonstrate your employees are aware of key policies that apply – e.g., workplace behaviours (covering harassment, intimidation etc.), social media, etc.

A shared approach to addressing workplace issues has the best potential to create a harmonious, fair, supportive and productive workplace from the day your new employee walks through the door. A comprehensive employee handbook will demonstrate your business exercises “reasonable care” towards its workforce.

With a well-written, comprehensive handbook, your employees know what is expected of them at work. They share a knowledge base with co-workers and know what is important for your business. It demonstrates how your business will address complaints and ensures your workforce has reasonable expectation co-workers with similar issues will receive similar treatment.

Your employees are expected to review and become familiar with the contents of the employee handbook. A signed employee declaration page will demonstrate the employee had an opportunity to read the organisation’s policies, employment conditions, business environment and agreed to abide by the contents.

Finally, the handbook serves as a quick reference guide to a lot of information employees need at work. They know how your business will address and apply the policies and procedures of the business and what they, as employees, can expect from your business as their employer.

Your handbook should protect your business. It should be the safeguard that protects you from legal ramifications from disgruntled employees.

Unfortunately, as an employer, you should consider it a matter of when (and not if) you will face a Fair Work claim or lawsuit from a current or former employee. When this happens, one of the most useful documents you can provide as part of your defence is a copy of your employee handbook.

A comprehensive employee handbook will help to demonstrate your business exercised “reasonable care” towards its employees. The employee’s signed acknowledgement page will show the employee had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the organisation’s policies, a chance to ask related questions and agreed to follow the terms and conditions of employment laid out in the employee handbook.

If you think your employee handbook doesn’t protect your business, then look no further than Akyra’s Employee Handbook.



How does Akyra’s Employee Handbook work?

Thanks to Akyra, a comprehensive tailored Employee Handbook is only a click away.

All you need to do is complete the registration process, fill out the necessary company information and the Employee Handbook will be customised with your company’s details.

What's included in the Akyra Employee Handbook?

  • Your company’s vision, mission & values;
  • Information the employee needs to understand ‘how things are done’;
  • Information about the environment within which your business operates;
  • Policies covering code of conduct, workplace behaviours, privacy, grievance, dispute & resolution, workplace health & safety, fit for duty, leave, performance improvement, social media & communications; and
  • Employee declaration.

So, if you want to ensure your new and/or current employees have a clear understanding of your business’ expectations, then purchase your Employee Handbook from Akyra. 



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