Clarity is key for an engaged workforce!

Clarity is key for an engaged workforce!

New employees often enter the workplace with preconceived ideas and expectations which may (or may not) align with your company.

So, what’s the best way to provide clarity to new employees around how your company operates… through the implementation of a well-crafted Employee Handbook! 

Ultimately, an employee handbook provides clarity to employees because it:

  • Highlights the company culture and how the employee fits in – this helps foster a sense of belonging and set the standards of employment relationships in general;  
  • Clearly communicates expectations – outlines exactly what’s required of employees as explained in the various policies included in the handbook.
  • Educates employees as to what they can expect from management – encouraging healthy management and employee relationships, leadership styles; and
  • Management best practices/objectives are outlined.

Don’t assume anything. Make sure your handbook is actionable and easily understood. By providing clear, accessible information, your employee handbook facilitates understanding and ensures your business continues to move forward in the right direction.

If you think your employee handbook might require a review or needs updating or maybe you haven’t quite got around to organising one, then look no further than Akyra’s employee handbook.



How does Akyra’s Employee Handbook work?

Thanks to Akyra, a comprehensive tailored employee handbook is only a click away.

All you need to do is complete the registration process, fill out the necessary company information and the employee handbook will be customised with your company’s details.

What's included in the Akyra Employee Handbook?

  • Your company’s vision, mission & values;
  • Information the employee needs to understand ‘how things are done’;
  • Information about the environment within which your business operates;
  • policies covering code of conduct, workplace behaviours, privacy, grievance, dispute & resolution, workplace health & safety, fit for duty, leave, performance improvement, social media & communications; and
  • employee declaration.

So, if you want to ensure your new and current employees have a clear understanding of your business’ expectations, then purchase your employee handbook from Akyra today.

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