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Inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch presents Mike Tristram, CEO of Trisco Foods

Thursday 4th November 2021    

Akyra Strategy and Development launched a brand-new initiative, the inaugural Akyra Executive Lunch, featuring s fireside chat with Mike Tristram, Chief Executive Officer of Trisco Foods.

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Trust – is it MIA in your organisation?

Wednesday 15th April 2020    

Many employers do not realise or underestimate the value of employee trust, loyalty and retention in an organisation. Not only the potential monetary losses from a high turnover of employees or the cost of frequent absenteeism impacts to the profit margins, but also the evidence based research that identifies employees are more likely to be productive, perform at a higher level and in turn greatly benefit an organisation they trust and feel trusted within.

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Employee of the year award 2019 winner - MBRIT

Monday 20th January 2020    

Akyra was a proud sponsor of the 2019 Moreton Bay Regional Business and Excellence Awards for the ‘Employee of the Year’ award category.

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Margaret Goody achieves Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach status.

Monday 9th April 2018    

Margaret Goody, director of Akyra Strategy and Development, has officially joined Gallup as an accredited StrengthsFinder Coach.

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