The benefits of investing in well-crafted position descriptions

Thursday 18th January 2018    

The start of a new year often brings about several changes. Whether it be new employees, internal promotions or restructuring of the current workforce – clear and accurate position descriptions will be essential to your businesses growth.

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New Year, New Hires - The importance of the induction process

Thursday 11th January 2018    

While many see induction as a waste of valuable time, it is a critical component of ensuring your new employee gathers an objective view of your business, its organisational culture and its work ethic.

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How to Cope with Work Overload

Thursday 21st December 2017    

Ever felt you had too much to do and not enough time to finish it? Welcome to the club. On a regular basis workers can feel their work levels are beyond what is humanly possible for them to complete. This has the result of causing stress and pressure and the requirement for work to be completed outside of regular work hours.

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5 Continuing HR Trends for 2018

Thursday 14th December 2017    

Check out these 5 HR trends that will continue to grow in 2018

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Time to grow your in-house digital talent!

Thursday 7th December 2017    

Technology is continuing to disrupt the way we do business more than ever before, yet many businesses haven’t sufficiently prepared for digital changes...

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Court ruling and apprentice pay

Monday 4th December 2017    

If you are a Queensland business and have employed apprentices or trainees since 2014, Akyra recommends you check records of current and former employees after a major Federal Court decision this week on the wages of apprentices in Queensland.

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6 steps for a stress-free office Christmas party

Thursday 30th November 2017    

So another year draws to an end and with it comes the office Christmas party. You wonder if Maureen will again believe she can belt out a tune like Whitney Houston. And what about Barry, will he have to be physically removed like last year before he takes out his frustration on Bob.

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The 2 leave issues caused by the office Christmas Closure

Thursday 23rd November 2017    

You may be surprised to find not all of your staff are as happy about the compulsory office Christmas shut-down as you are. While some staff may be wanting to accrue leave for use at another time, others may not have any leave left to cover the days your office is closed.

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