Free HR BizBitz Samples

Monday 21st May 2018    

Check out the free HR BizBitz Samples!

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Personalised HR manual now available!

Tuesday 8th May 2018    

Akyra’s HR BizBitz is available for purchase from Akyra’s website.

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Is your business prepared for the sick season?

Thursday 3rd May 2018    

It’s that time again – cold and flu season. In this blog, we explore some key issues around managing sick leave during this tricky time of the year.

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Personalised HR manual coming soon!

Thursday 19th April 2018    

HR BizBitz is a human resource management system that generates tailored policies, procedures and forms.

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The Australian Cycling Team is showing business how it’s done!

Thursday 12th April 2018    

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Jairo was one of the worst performances the Australian Cycling Team had experienced in decades. Fast- forward two years to the Commonwealth Games, where Australia is not only winning multiple gold medals but breaking world records set at the 2016 Games.

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Employee purpose and employee engagement – how do they connect?

Thursday 5th April 2018    

The digital revolution has drastically transformed the way we do business and has opened many doors for organisations around the world...

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The ball-tampering scandal from an HR perspective

Thursday 29th March 2018    

It’s very true that the actions of a few can change the way people perceive your business...

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Why HR policies, procedures and forms are vital

Thursday 22nd March 2018    

Developing HR policies, procedures and forms brings definite long-term benefits, reduces disputes and adds to the professionalism of your business. However, many people find the processes of creating HR policies, procedures and forms can be time-consuming, costly and confusing.

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