Social media - new challenges for employers

Monday 20th January 2020    

The explosion of social media has presented employers with new challenges and has considerably blurred the once clear line between the work and private activities of your employees.

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Surveillance in the workplace. Are you legally recording employee activity? Are they aware of it?

Monday 13th January 2020    

Recording devices are becoming an increasingly prevalent aspect of the modern workplace. The issue that employers face is how to reconcile this emerging technology with the various employment, privacy and surveillance laws that exist.

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10 emerging trends that will change your workplace in 2020

Monday 6th January 2020    

The 10 emerging workplace trends that will become mainstream for organisations in 2020 have evolved predominantly from challenges both employers and employees face in today’s fast paced society and workplace environments.

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Changes to existing awards from 2020

Monday 9th December 2019    

Starting in 2020 existing awards will be extensively varied as a result of the major 4 yearly review of modern awards.

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Tis the season for Christmas parties: ensure your business is well prepared to avoid a HR nightmare

Monday 2nd December 2019    

While fun and enjoyable for most, work Christmas parties can turn into HR nightmares.

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Can you terminate an employee during their probation period?

Monday 25th November 2019    

Some employers proceed under the misapprehension they can terminate an employee on probation without providing any reason for the dismissal.

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How to manage ‘drug and alcohol use’ in the workplace

Monday 18th November 2019    

As an employer, you are required to provide a safe environment for everyone in your workplace.

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Inaccurate or not keeping accurate records could cost you

Monday 11th November 2019    

If you either don’t keep records of time sheets and pay slips or they are inaccurate it could cost you big time!

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