How your business can stay open during these uncertain times.

Tuesday 31st March 2020    

Federal Government Job Keeper Payment update. The world is experiencing an ever-evolving situation with the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The Federal Government announced a Job Keeper Payment on 30 March 2020, although it still has to be passed by Parliament, which is being recalled to deal with this matter.

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Do you need to let employees go due to Covid-19? What are your options?

Monday 23rd March 2020    

The world is experiencing an ever-evolving situation with the Coronavirus epidemic or as it is now known COVID-19. As an employer, you have a responsibility to manage your team and make decisions regarding employee working arrangements while navigating the economic challenges.

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Tips on how to avoid inadvertently underpaying staff and underpayment of wages scandals

Monday 2nd March 2020    

The recent high-profile media coverage and court decisions where numerous businesses have either self-confessed to or been found by the Fair Work Ombudsman to be underpaying staff wages (especially in the hospitality and retail sectors) has placed wage compliance at the top of many businesses and people’s minds.

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Can you fire an employee for not showing up to work?

Monday 24th February 2020    

From time to time, you will have an employee who does not attend work for one or more days, with no communication or reason given. In these situations, you will think about dismissing the employee for abandonment of employment. However, termination under this circumstance is fraught with prickles.

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How to manage excessive annual leave accruals

Monday 17th February 2020    

Not taking a reasonable amount of annual leave may pose a threat to the health and safety or well being of your employees and represent a significant financial liability for employers.

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When can you require an employee to work additional hours?

Monday 10th February 2020    

The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) provides that you as the employer can request or require a full-time employee to work more than 38 hours per week or a part-time employee to work more than their ordinary hours of work, if the request is reasonable.

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New year, new approach. Now is the time to re-focus your team and business for success.

Monday 3rd February 2020    

The new decade is upon us and the first month of the year has flown by with many staff now returning from leave. Now is the perfect time to set out your business priorities, review human resource management systems, re-engage employees and recalibrate a team focused clearly on success.

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Bushfire crisis workplace impacts

Tuesday 28th January 2020    

Australia has been and, in some areas of the country, is currently in the midst of battling a tragic bushfire season. With numerous fires still burning across the country and countless people, communities and animals affected by fire and smoke, it is imperative to be aware of the obligations of businesses with respect to their employees during a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances.

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