Casual chaos – What you need to do before the new year.

Wednesday 17th October 2018    

Another week, another casual ruling to add to the chaos that is casual employment currently.

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Casual rates to change again!

Wednesday 3rd October 2018    

Another win for casual employees this week, with retail employees scoring pay increases. Just another change to casual employees for business owners to add to the list.

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Bust workplace myths and confirm facts!

Wednesday 19th September 2018    

Workplace Myths vs Facts – Don’t get caught on the wrong side. Check out some of these myths busted by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

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5 reasons to measure employee engagement

Wednesday 12th September 2018    

Successful businesses understand employees are the real capital of their organisation and that cultivating a positive, encouraging working environment with engaged employees can be an important part of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Ignoring a manager’s behaviour could cost your company!

Wednesday 5th September 2018    

As a business owner, do you know you could be vicariously liable for the actions of your managers?

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Casual employees cleared to “double dip”

Thursday 30th August 2018    

Casual or Permanent? A new ruling has serious implications for employers and their casual employees.

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Support Person: What you need to know!

Thursday 16th August 2018    

Do you understand the role of a support person?

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New family and domestic violence entitlements

Thursday 9th August 2018    

Is your business prepared for the new family and domestic violence entitlements?

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