Casual employees cleared to “double dip”

Thursday 30th August 2018    

Casual or Permanent? A new ruling has serious implications for employers and their casual employees.

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Support Person: What you need to know!

Thursday 16th August 2018    

Do you understand the role of a support person?

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New family and domestic violence entitlements

Thursday 9th August 2018    

Is your business prepared for the new family and domestic violence entitlements?

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HR BizBitz is the expert you need!

Thursday 2nd August 2018    

Does your “HR person” have little experience in HR or doesn’t have any HR qualifications and needs extra support?

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Jump onboard!

Monday 23rd July 2018    

Do you take onboarding seriously? If you do, you can reduce turnover, improve productivity and increase profits!

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Are your HR Documents compliant with the Fair Work Act?

Thursday 12th July 2018    

Do you know whether your HR documents are up-to-date and compliant with the Fair Work Act?

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What can we learn from the 30 under 30?

Monday 2nd July 2018    

The next generation is bursting onto the business scene, bringing their enthusiasm, new ideas and tech-savvy minds. They are disrupting the way we do business, and constantly looking to improve our lives or provided solutions to gaps in the market.

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Let HR BizBitz save you money!

Wednesday 20th June 2018    

Can’t afford an HR professional to develop your HR documents, but also can’t afford a trip to Fair Work?

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