Why employers should care about the financial wellbeing of their workforce

Wednesday 22nd June 2022    

With EOFY almost upon us, there’s understandably a lot of attention being placed on finance and budgetary concerns. But as businesses and employers plan ahead for the next financial year, it cannot go ignored that around 1 in every 3 employees could be experiencing financial stress, impacting their performance in the workplace, and ultimately hurting the businesses bottom-line. In the latest Akyra blog, we look at why employers should care about the financial wellbeing of their workforce.

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What should you know about vicarious liability

Thursday 16th June 2022    

When employees behave poorly in a work-related setting, there can be severe consequences for both the employer and the worker – e.g. dismissal for the employee and/or reputational damage for the employer. However, under the concept of vicarious liability, as an employer, you may also face consequences due to the actions or behaviour of an employee. So, what are the implications for you and your business? And how can you protect yourself against the challenges of vicarious liability?

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When employee opinions clash with company values

Friday 10th June 2022    

As several high-profile cases have shown in recent times, employees expressing opinions which clash with the values of their employer and/or company can lead to strained relationships, termination, and unfair dismissal claims. So, when can these opinions cause problems in the workplace? And how should employers approach these types of tricky situations?

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When is a resignation 'forced'?

Friday 3rd June 2022    

While resignations can be relatively common in the workplace, the nature of these can vary significantly. In some cases an employee may feel they are forced to resign due to the conduct or actions of their employer. So, what exactly constitutes a ‘forced resignation’? And what are the implications for you as an employer and workers?

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Unpacking the new Government’s industrial relations agenda

Thursday 26th May 2022    

Unless you’ve been living under a rock.. we’re sure you’re probably all aware, last weekend’s election has led to a change in Government. Under a new Labor Government, Australian employers can expect a range of reforms to workplace law, with a particular focus on issues like job security, gender pay equity and wage theft. We break down some of the key issues on the new Government’s industrial relations agenda.

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Akyra sponsors Employee of the Year at 2022 Business Excellence & Innovation Awards

Monday 23rd May 2022    

For more than 15 years, Akyra has been working with businesses to create ‘Employers of Choice’. It’s only fitting that when given the opportunity, we celebrate and recognise the ‘Employees of Choice’, of Moreton Bay, for their extraordinary professional achievements and contributions to their workplace. Akyra is proud to be an award partner of this year’s Moreton Bay Business Excellence & Innovation Awards, sponsoring the Employee of the Year award.

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The importance of understanding your pay requirements

Wednesday 18th May 2022    

As an employer, it is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to all relevant employment legislation that applies to your employees and your business. This includes ensuring you are meeting pay requirements to employees in accordance with the relevant Award or agreement. So how can you make sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to meeting pay requirements and what are the consequences of failing to comply with them?

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Working parents and discrimination in the workplace

Wednesday 11th May 2022    

With Mother’s Day fresh in our minds, we thought it was time to look at some of the challenges faced by mothers (and fathers) in the workplace. Despite legal protections being in place, many working mums and dads still face discrimination in the workplace. But what counts as discrimination? And what can we do to avoid this?

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